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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 15, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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. hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for great videos and we've got them for you, "right this minute." panic mode for a mom after her toddler fell. >> between the train and the platform. >> see frantic passengers try to signal there's trouble on the tracks. a guy carries water for horses at a racetrack. >> but watch what happens to him. >> how one ambush gets repaid with another. a son is about to surprise mom with a new car. >> and watch her reaction.
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>> the touching story behind one heartfelt gift. >> don't cry. plus the buzzword for your shot at a new ipad mini. and a golfer takes -- >> one last frustration stroke. >> why he's really teed off now. you're looking at cctv fo footage from a train platform here melbourne. pace close attention to the woman exiting the train. she has a stroller but also a toddler just to her left. >> oh, no. >> oh, boy. fell between the wall and the train, didn't it? >> you see her immediately go into panic mode. her toddler fell between the train and the platform in that small space. right now, her toddler is beneath the train. >> the gap is like this big. >> metro train officials are saying you have to be mindful
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when getting off a train with a toddler because the gap can vary in size based on the fleet of trains coming into the station at any given point. all of the passengers, the people walking around on the platform, they spring into action. you see people come crowd around this mother, other people running with their hands held up trying to make sure that conductor knows there's a problem. a good samaritan really comes in and saves the day. he gets down, grabs the child, brings the child back up to the platform. this toddler was only down there about 25 seconds because this good samaritan knew exactly what to do, how to get the toddler back up. paramedics showed up to offer first aid to the mother and little girl. she refused. no injuries whatsoever. the mother walked away with her toddler in tow and the stroller. >> and a valuable lesson. i guarantee she will be much more careful next time she's entering or exiting a train. >> you have to make sure you are
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holding a small child's hand when getting off a train because this could happen. an orange cone is usually there for a reason. well there's an orange cone placed very strategically in that walkway. you see someone walking a horse and up ahead you also see a worker. this guy right here, he's carrying two buckets of water. when he notices the other guy with the horses walking through, he decides to walk on the other side of the cone to make way for the horse and the man. but watch what happens to him. >> oh! >> that horse was a biter. >> that thing came out like a dragon. >> the horse that was in that stall decides i'm going to chomp at this other guy's ear. >> the other horse could have stepped on him. >> all they have to protect people from a biting horse is a random cone. they need a fence, a door between people and this biting horse. >> what's funny, the horse comes back and peeks through quickly,
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like, yeah, i got him. watch what the worker does. >> oh! that's not nice. so the first part funny but the second part is making people on-line a little upset. >> that was an immature reaction. >> the water can make the bedding wet which is bad on a humid day because it apparently takes less than 24 hours for fungus to develop and cause health risks to the horse. >> that's bad. >> he ends up walking away looks like to get more water and finish the job. a shot from a school bus force an officer in boynton beach, florida, on administrative leave. you see one child on the ground already. his arms are behind him. police standing over him. you see a second boy. he's got his hands behind his back. don't know why these boys were placed in police custody. the young man is standing up talking to the officer, but watch what another officer does.
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>> what? >> oh, he swept his leg and tripped him. >> that's right. u see another officer walk up tha young from under him and the young man's head hit the ground according to the person who posted this video. boynton beach police say they are aware of the video, the officer has been placed on leave, despite the fact we have received no complaints we are committed to reviewing the situation in its entirety and taking whatever action is most appropriate at the conclusion of our investigation and they want anybody who has any information on what happened, to come forward and talk to police. but i mean as a parent, you don't want your kids acting up on the bus because something prompted police to show up. >> as parents you don't want police officers to treat your kids like this. >> exactly. >> doesn't look like they were necessarily acting up. >> you want your kids to treat police officers with respect and in that video it almost looks like the kid was trying to get in the cop's face. looks like the cop was trying to
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give him tough love in that situation. >> that's not justified. i get everything you are saying, but i absolutely do not agree with the way that officer treated that kid. he could have caused him some brain injuries. >> he didn't have his hands available to catch himself. this child needs to be talked to, but this takes things a step or two too far. hey, everybody. it's almost time for us to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzzword and a twitter account. don't worry, it's super easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up in a little bit. you have to be at least 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> standby for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> this is funny because it's pure insult in a beautiful, beautiful way. this nissan 350 pulling up right now, wanting to race the guy in this mercedes. the guy got the call while he was mowing his lawn. he decided to load the mower on his trailer, put the trailer on the back of the mercedes and come to this race.
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♪ >> no way. >> bye-bye. >> just totally smokes the guy. now the mercedes he's driving is a 2006-eamg. it has about 470 horsepower. >> there are all kinds of people parked on the side of the road. did people show up? was this something people came out to see? >> it looks like a little ill lile street racing going on. >> i'll race you and i will have my lawn mower with me. >> let's move over to the philippines where some reports say this range rover was parked illegally. the tow truck hooked it up and started towing the range rover away. it appears the tow truck driver had no idea how to tow this very expensive suv. >> oh, no. >> because as you notice, the
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rear wheels are turning as well. this thing has a sophisticated four-wheel drive system. the manual says, you cannot tow it in reverse like this. the manual says it must be towed going forward only. there's a lot of damage going on right here. there's a right way to do this and its doesn't look like this at all. >> but a boot on the car. it won't go anywhere. something. >> maybe this guy's first day on the job as a tow truck driver. >> and last. >> orphaned bear cubs get a second chance. >> these people are taking care of them, bottle feeding them, weighing them and carrying for them. >> this is so cute. my face is about to fall off. >> how they set them up to send them off. >> what happens when longboard turns into skidding. >> oh, no! >> that's going to hurt.
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the international fund for animal welfare in russia is doing amazing work tore orphaned bear cubs. they just rescued these precious little guys in this box. t l apparently theseere newborns that were yor and if. fortunately they were rescued, taken into this home and these
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people are taking care of them, bottle feeding them, weighing them. >> this is so cute my face is about to fall off. >> try to contain yourself. >> look at them like rolling around, can't figure out which end is up. >> the cool thing is that in this video, we actually get to see as the bears get a little bit older they're getting a little bigger, little heavier, they start eating out of bowls, they're starting to learn certain skills, how to climb, how to play with each other. >> like a fun place to hang out for a couple days. >> the best place like a vacation land. >> and these bears aren't going to smack you silly because they're not big enough. you can actually enjoy playing with them. >> does this program have a re-release, put them back into the wild? >> they do actually. once they're old enough and strong enough, healthy enough, they do have a release program and they drive them out into the wild and then they release them. looks like they do tag them so they can keep track of where they're going. >> they're all friends hanging out in the woods.
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>> the guys at dude perfect are out once again with another stereotype video. this one stereotypes you find in a movie theater. the obnoxious laugher. there's always the one guy who laughs a little too loudly at stuff only half funny. the seat saver. >> guys, i'm so sorry. these seats are all saved right here. >> i hate this guy. >> i'm sorry. the second row. those are saved as well. >> oh. >> he's so annoying! >> i hate being the seat saver. i hate that feeling of saving like two or three. i'm like oh. >> what are you doing? >> it's not me it's the jokester behind me. >> i hate the chair tappers. i turn around and give them a -- stink eye like this. >> terrifying. >> scary. >> i like this one, the smuggler. >> dig in, boys.
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>> i like those. >> guilty. >> you want to go to the movies with the smuggler and get free candy. >> your phone. your phone. >> hello. >> then the old guy. >> what did he say? >> will you marry me? >> we're already married. >> this is my number one pet peeve. you're the only one in the theater and somebody else comes in and where do they decide to sit. >> are you kidding me. >> right in front of you. >> that's because those are the best seats. >> the one that everyone hates, the texter. >> we've all been guilty of that. admit it. >> shut it down. >> sometimes you have to get that one last text. i'll be there in two hours. >> not that important. >> i love a good video so i have two of them for you. these both from juken. couple guys behind a car going around 45 miles per hour.
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what's sketchen? hold on to a rope or car and that pulls you along on the longboards. watch the guy on the left, he starts getting speed wobble. his buddy notices and bales off. doesn't want to get taken off. >> oh, no! >> did he hit the guardrail. >> he hit the pavement. that's going to hurt. >> and no helmet. really no protective gear? just sunglasses and a hat. >> pretty banged up. lots of road rash. >> that's it? >> that's about it. >> road rash on his left arm where he took the hit. little road rash on -- >> i didn't need to see that. >> that's bad. >> head over to -- >> oh. how did that happen? >> this kid apparently was getting frustrated. he had taken multiple swings, wasn't going right, he took one last frustration stroke. >> oh. >> karma right there.
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>> a journey to one of the new seven wonders of the world. >> you really do imagine yourself being there. >> see it on the next "right this minute." >> and still to come -- making music with a dude's hair. >> while still attached to his head. >> it sounds pretty amazing. >> see why there's another twist in this tangled tune. >> what? >> plus, the lions whisperer comes dressed in his best to hang with the big cats. >> he doesn't just hug on these guys in the suits. he plays soccer with the lions. >> how his wild game is all for a bigger goal. and wednesday's buzzword you need if you want a chance to win an ipad mini.
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you guys have probably seen or at least heard of the musical "hair," right? well this is musical hair. ♪ this is a londons-based artist, the guy with the lovely mane. he has a team of people working on his hair. they twisted, glued and then spun the hair and made it talk like a violin string and then string it on to the wooden base of a violin. >> while still attached to his head. ♪ >> it sounds pretty amazing. sounds pretty darn like a violin. >> oh, my gosh. are you kidding me? ♪ >> like don't move. >> yeah. >> how much did he get paid to stand there like that? >> he didn't get paid at all. this film was put together to promote a big music festival in lithuania called street musicians day and they put this together to show that anybody who can play any instrument any
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kind of instrument, even if it's made with hair are welcome. >> wow. >> this gets better. this artist is so dedicated to promoting this music festival, watch what happens at the end of this video. ♪ >> what? >> shaved it off. >> couldn't you have cut off the few string parts. >> it wouldn't have been as dramatic. ♪ here we are in the beautiful african savannah. you have giraffes, lions and a man standing there in a suit. that man is the lion whisperer, kevin richardson. watch what he's about to do in the suit. >> here boy. >> this guy is a bad one. >> he is. this lion, like a giant dog, puts his paws on his shoulder and hugs him. he hops on the back and sits down. known as the lion whisperer. he has the kevin richardson wildlife sanctuary.
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why is he wearing a suit. this is for a commercial commissioned by van gil. they make this suit for the royal dutch football association. and the lion suit is a very important symbol to the dutch as one of their national symbols and they partnered to show these lions need our help. for every suit that is sold, they will make a donation to his foundation. >> that's incredible. it's wonderful what they're doing and why they're doing it and it's also mesmerizing to watch this video. >> i mention this is the official of the royal dutch football association for a reason. >> football -- >> because he doesn't just hug on the guys in suits, he plays soccer with the lions. and i love how one lion has grabbed the ball, i'm not letting go. they have to get another ball. >> that guy is doing something pretty special. >> time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> need a twitter account and it's super easy to create one when you enter. >> head over to
3:23 pm to enter. click on that win an ipad mini button and then enter wednesday's buzzword. >> so let's reveal wednesday's buzzword. it's news. >> get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter the buzzword n-e-w-s. >> if you don't win today we're giving away another one tomorrow. and don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> happy mother's day. >> braden tells mom he's getting her a new car engine. >> he has another idea. >> the sweet story behind the new car surprise. >> there it is. in the middle of the
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desert. >> we're in phoenix. >> mother's day was, of course, this past weekend. videos keep popping up of surprises that kids gave their moms. this one is pretty darn good. we got this video from juken. >> what are we doing today? >> we are going to be surprising my mom. >> this is braden and braden's mom was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. had to go through surgery and
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treatment. will continue to be on medication for the rest of her life since her cancer diagnosis, she's also been in three car accidents. >> oh, goodness. >> she had to have a surgery to help with the injuries and braden had to help her financially get through all of this. now mom thinks that braden is getting a new engine put in her old car that has been in several accidents, but braden has a better idea. his mom comes to meet him at the mechanic shop where he told her he's going to test drive the engine to make sure it's okay. hands her the keys. >> press the button. >> are you serious? >> the great thing about it. this is a honda fit, a car his mom wanted a few years back. here you go. she has it sitting in the parking lot waiting for her.
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watch her reaction. >> [ inaudible ]. the payments -- [ inaudible ]. >> what are you talking about? >> are you serious? >> there it is. >> she's trying to keep it but she finally gave in to the tears. >> she drives off just in a test drivep . stays gone for quite a while. >> that was perfect. >> that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want to see the best videos from the web before they go viral this is the show for you, "right this minute." it's hard not to watch this guy. >> popping a nice long wheelie. >> what happens when a fellow rider looks a little too long. a driver is trapped in a burning suv after -- >> a lightning strike hit the suv. >> how a policeman raced in to help pull off one incredible rescue. an amazing story about nine


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